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This week we have had a series of Tour de France activities taking place

in school with baking

and making as well as

research by the older children. Nursery, in particular, had a fabulous time taking part in our mini Tour de France morning. The children raced against each other on their bikes in a knock out tournament leading to a grand final. Congratulations to Harvey Robinson our winner, Max Okezie who came second and Ezrah Wooding who was third. !

Sunday is the big day and we hope all the children will get some chance to be part of this once in a lifetime event

Remembering The Fallen

This year’s Remembrance events have been quite poignant given the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of World War One. It has moved some of our children to write poetry the like of which we have not seen before. On Tuesday Year Six went into Elland for the Remembrance Service and two of the poems written by our children were read to all those in attendance. Here they are:



Gun in the man’s hand, Bayonet-ended.

In pain he screams;

FLASH! One man down!

Shot by shot more followed

Into the muddy ocean of blood where Men lay.

Their souls searching the darkness Of Death;

Remembering the light

Of Life.

In Flanders Field the soldiers lay proud underground.

The foe wasted their lives fighting,

All of the poor parents waiting but they didn’t come home.

The guns re-load but it’s too late.

Bloodbath. That’s what No-man’s Land was.

Why, why did you go out there?

Bullet by bullet, gun by gun, man by man.

The Spitfires hover above; everyone dreading whose going to die.

Torture. That’s what war felt like.

Fighting for our freedom and family,

Wife and children that want their husband and dad to be with them.

WW1 was a human wrecking-ball.

Rest in peace, lads.


By Tommi Andrewan

The Day He Died


Yesterday, the day he died.

With his death there was no silence. As the shells fall they feel the earth tremble.

As the guns fire they feel your heart racing.

At his funeral there was no coffin. Just a shallow hole in No-Man’s-Land. His soul in darkness,

But, his memory burns still bright. Visions of his mother.

As she stands weeping, Holding the telegram.

That’s all she remembers.

Now her son is sleeping;

Never to awake;

Never see home;

Never see day.


By Kairah Fell

It was a pleasure to welcome the Mayor of Calderdale, Councillor Pat Allen, to school on Thursday so that she could personally thank us for taking part in the Rhythm In The Ridings flashmob and performance in June. This event, part of the Tour de France celebrations, was an amazing day with over three hundred children performing songs they wrote themselves.

In assembly, the Rhythm In The Ridings choir performed our song, Aye Up Love! and received a certificate from the Mayor.

Councillor Allen has close links to the school as she came here as a child when it was Cross Lane Infants School. She was amazed at how it had changed and admitted to being a little anxious about coming back.

Well done, once again, to the choir and thank you to the Mayor for her visit.


Thank You From The Mayor

An Amazing Result

Our non-uniform day last week raised a phenomenal £252.05 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Thank you all ever so much for your generosity.

Bold As Brass

At the beginning of the year all Y6 children began learning a brass instrument. They have progressed so much that they have now been to Brooksbank  to join the band up there in preparation for a Christmas Concert. Well done!

This may be relevant to parents or older children.

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