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This week we have had a series of Tour de France activities taking place

in school with baking

and making as well as

research by the older children. Nursery, in particular, had a fabulous time taking part in our mini Tour de France morning. The children raced against each other on their bikes in a knock out tournament leading to a grand final. Congratulations to Harvey Robinson our winner, Max Okezie who came second and Ezrah Wooding who was third. !

Sunday is the big day and we hope all the children will get some chance to be part of this once in a lifetime event

Upcoming Events

We are already filling up our calendar and some of the dates for the term are below. We will add to these as the term goes on.

Diary Dates 9-14

Prize Winners!

Our prize winners for this year’s certificate competition are: Eden Jones, Alex Gill, Joshua Marshall, Jacob Maclean and Oliver Roberts (Lego) and Annabel Walker, Harry Avison, Maddy Nutton, Raven Bush and Kelcie Argyle (Frozen). Today they each received a framed print of their design and a £5 for WH Smith. Well done to all.

Our Breakfast Club, which only started earlier this year, has been a huge success. So much so that we are going to have to call a halt to new registrations for the time being. Also, in order to free up places for others we are going to remove any registered children from the list if they have not attended the club for half a term. We know that circumstances change quickly and people may want to use the club at short notice and we would like to be able to allow this to happen but can’t if the register is full with people not using their places. Thanks for all your support with the Breakfast Club; Mrs Holroyd, Mrs Walker and Mrs Fleming do a brilliant job and you know that the children are safe and cared for.

Breakfast Club Success!

The harvest from our allotment this year has been amazing and children have been able to sample the marrows, courgettes, pumpkins, etc. for lunch this week. Our green-fingered gardening club have done a great job!

Grubs Up!

Nick from Tempests Photographers had a busy day on Wednesday photographing individuals and families. Could all orders be in by next Thursday (25 September) so that we can get them back in good time? Thanks.

Photo Orders

Data Collection Sheets

Our annual update of the contact details we have for you is underway and it is really important that the information is reviewed and returned to us. It is used when we need to contact you in an emergency and we sometimes find that mobile phone numbers, especially, are out of date. A little bit of time now will help us if we need to get in touch quickly. Thanks again.

Miss Reynolds

We were due to say goodbye today to Miss Reynolds, our Nursery Assistant. She has been successful in getting a job with the NHS and is due to start her new post soon. However, she is able to work with us a little longer and we are very pleased about this. A new Nursery Assistant will be appointed shortly but we would just like to say a big thank you to Sophie for all her work with us and wish her all the very best for her new job - when she finally gets started!