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This week we have had a series of Tour de France activities taking place

in school with baking

and making as well as

research by the older children. Nursery, in particular, had a fabulous time taking part in our mini Tour de France morning. The children raced against each other on their bikes in a knock out tournament leading to a grand final. Congratulations to Harvey Robinson our winner, Max Okezie who came second and Ezrah Wooding who was third. !

Sunday is the big day and we hope all the children will get some chance to be part of this once in a lifetime event


Diary Dates 9-14



Young Helpers

You will no doubt know of our highly respected Playleader scheme organised by Mrs Trigg. These are Y6 children who organise activities at lunchtime but also regularly go beyond the call of duty sorting out minor issues and buddying up with children who are upset. They are a great team. Well now we have a similar group from Y2. They are helping with activities in the Bottom Playground and proving to be a real help. Mrs Denbigh organises this team and many thanks to her for that.

There has been a bit of a sickness bug around lately and a few children have had to have time off. Thank you for letting us know either by leaving a message or emailing absence@crosslane.calderdale.sch.uk. It is a real help when tracking illness and where children are. Can we remind you that if your child is being sick they need to remain away from school for 48 hours after they have last been sick? This is to stop the chance of passing on any bugs. Thanks.

Young Musicians

All our Y6 children are beginning to learn a brass instrument as part of an exciting project linked with Brooksbank, St Patrick’s and Elland CE Schools. This will result in some joint concerts and some professional musicians.!

A great opportunity has arisen for all children and families to be part of a live concert by Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra at Brooksbank where children can sit amongst the

musicians and find out what live music is really like. The event is free and is on Tuesday 21 October, 7:15pm to 9:20pm. Tickets are available from Brooksbank Reception either by calling 01422 374791 or emailing admin@bbs.calderdale.sch.uk.!

Can You Help?

We have a couple of little projects that some parents might be able to help us with. These range from helping sort our reading books for our new library and reading areas to helping in the wood clearing bramble and other plants. If you are interested in either of these please get in touch with the office and we will let you know when we are planning to get going. The labelling of the reading books is on now!

We are always very happy to have helpers in school and the jobs they do depends on what they have skills in. Many helpers hear readers or help in classes but others come in to cook and bake or help with things like technology. If you want to help in school once again get in touch and we will set the ball rolling.

Breakfast Club Appeal

The Breakfast Club is beginning to collect any unwanted games for use before school. They should be complete and can be aimed at any age. Also, any unwanted construction toys would be most welcome. Things like Lego, Duplo and Kinex are great for getting the creative minds working before school starts. If you have anything to donate simply send it to school labelled “For the Breakfast Club’ and we will make sure it is passed on.

Midday Supervisor Needed

This is an early alert that a vacancy has arisen for a midday supervisor due to Mrs Holroyde taking on the role of Nursery Officer. The times are 11:45 to 1pm daily and includes lunch and uniform. The hourly rate is £6.54 Application forms are available from the office and the post will be formally advertised next week. Also as a result of Mrs Holroyde’s move we will be advertising for a teaching support assistant in the near future. If you are interested keep a look out.