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This week we have had a series of Tour de France activities taking place

in school with baking

and making as well as

research by the older children. Nursery, in particular, had a fabulous time taking part in our mini Tour de France morning. The children raced against each other on their bikes in a knock out tournament leading to a grand final. Congratulations to Harvey Robinson our winner, Max Okezie who came second and Ezrah Wooding who was third. !

Sunday is the big day and we hope all the children will get some chance to be part of this once in a lifetime event

Vistits Galore

On the 18th and 19th of May Year 5/6 went to Keighley Star Centre as we had been learning about Earth and Space. We got to dress up as astronauts and control robots! We played very important parts in mission control and followed a satellite with actual people in. There was an amazing cosmodrome where planets looked 3D! The instructor told us about

the individual planets and we learnt a lot about the moons of Uranus. We loved exploring the great facts about our galaxy and solar system. We learnt a lot on the trip, it was successful and enjoyable.

By Mark Rice andRuth Richardson.

Year 3 and 4 went to Harewood House to look at the plants and birds.

The best bit of the day was looking at the birds. We saw three herons. They were really interesting to look at because we don’t see them that close normally. They were tall and had really ginormous wing spans. We really enjoyed the workshop. A lady called Sue told us about where different plants come from. We

played a game where we pretended to be seeds. Some of us grew and some of us didn’t.

All the plants were interesting to see. Some were really big and

some were small. They were very unusual because we don’t normally have them in our gardens.

By Brad Watson and Aleksandar Stojanovic

DSCF3509 Himalayan Blue Poppy Heron Untitled DSCF5877 DSCF3207

We had a wonderful week learning all about China. The nursery children have been discovering how Chinese people count to 10 in Mandarin. They have made a dragon and together with some of the reception children enjoyed making chicken noodle soup. Reception also made flags and puppets.

The whole school were  finding out information about life in China.

Years 1 and 2 have been making fortune cookies and finding out about Buddhism. They have been writing Chinese numbers, making dragons and Chinese lanterns.

Years 3 and 4 have been learning about the Yangtze river and working together to complete a project about growing rice which they have presented to the class. They have been learning songs in Mandarin. They learned about the Willow pattern plates and designed their own. They also tried their hands at origami.

Years 5 and 6 have also been looking at Willow pattern plates but they have been writing their own stories. They have researched and produced a project about China. They have also been playing lots of Chinese games and quizzes.

On Wednesday we held two workshops. The children on the bottom corridor learnt lots of interesting facts about dragons. Did you know Chinese dragons are friendly and do not breathe fire? They then took part in some fabulous dragon dancing.

The top corridor children took part in a calligraphy workshop. They learnt how to hold their special pens and to write simple words.

Phew, what an exciting week.


Star Gymnasts

Our Under 9's gymnasts were great yet again at North Bridge, Wednesday 17th June. The event wasn't a competition, simply a celebration of skills and commitment. Unfortunately, Cornelius was poorly so couldn't make it! Well done to everyone who took part, the parents who supported and a huge thank you to Mrs Trigg, as always!

Woodland Discovery poster